UBS Accounting Features
Product ComparisonUBS AccountingUBS:ONE Accounting
Users limitationNo limit One
Multi-companyunlimitedLimited to 2 companies
Audit trail
Edit, insert, move transaction
Opening balance, last year figure
Maintain stock value
Organize, insert batches
General Ledger
Account Receivable / Payable
Real-time update upon saving GL transaction
Drill down to GL entries
Print ledgers and Trial Balance
Financial reports
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Print voucher / official receipt
Recurring transactionsN/A
Manufacturing accountN/A
Fixed assets reportsN/A
Consolidated accountN/A
Project & JobN/A
Foreign CurrencyN/A
Export, import database (dbf,,csv,,txt)only dbf file
Security & User Controllimited
Bundling of productComes with Assets RegisterN/A
UBS Inventory & Billing Feature Features
Product ComparisonUBS Inventory & BillingUBS:ONE Billing
Users limitationNo limitone user
Number of locationunlimitedN/A
Multi-companyunlimitedlimited to 2 companies
User defined fields for Header, Body, Footer, item remarks
Per item tax
Per item discount & 3 levels discount
SO, Quotation, DO, Invoice, Cash Sale, CN, DN
Sales Reports
Outstanding Reports
Post to Accounting
Setting reference number
Use 1~4 sets of Invoice number and DO number
Customer File
Item Files, Item Category, Item Group
Service item
Service Reports
View/print audit trail
Copy bills
Unvoid transactions, keep deleted billN/A
Reports customizationN/A
Security & ControlLimited
Supplier file, Purchase, Purchase ReportsN/A
Issue, Transfer, AdjustmentsN/A
Project & JobN/A
Graded, Serialized and matrix itemsN/A
Inventory control and costingN/A
Bill of MaterialN/A
Export/import database (dbf/csv/txt)only dbf file