Who is Sage UBS?

Sage UBS is wholly own by Sage UK since 2006.  Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and entered the FTSE 100 in 1999. Sage has millions of customers and over 13,000 employees in 23 countries.

What is Sage UBS?

Sage UBS is the most popular accounting software in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and other ASEAN countries. Famous for its easy-to-use features and great flexibility, it also comes with Sage UBS Assets Register, a handy tool to manage your fixed asset and calculation of depreciation.

What do Sage UBS offer?

In Sage UBS, we offer business solutions that make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes resulting in lower operational costs and reduced risk, leading to a more profitable and sustainable business.

Sage UBS Accounting Dashboard

Sage UBS Accounting is the first step to computerized business. With more than 200,000 installations in Malaysia alone, we are now a household brand among Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Many institutions of higher learning prefer Sage UBS Accounting as part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reports.

UBS Inventory Software

Sage UBS Inventory & Billing makes stock control easier by putting the control back into your hands. It provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and has instant updates and inventory status at your fingertips. Sage UBS Inventory & Billing performs as an invoicing system where you can print invoices and delivery orders.

UBS Payroll Software

Sage UBS Payroll is a well-known business management software with over 300,000 installations nationwide that can help organizations to lower operating cost and reduce the risk of miss calculation.

UBS POS Software

The Sage UBS POS system is one of the best systems on the market, it can be used as a store or restaurant POS system . Having an easy to use POS software will definitely help you and your employees work more effectively. 

UBS Building Service Maintenance Software

The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment. Sage UBS Building Service & Maintenance (BSM) software is GST compliant.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a suite of online solutions for all businesses, from Start-ups to Scale-ups and Enterprise businesses.

Why choose Sage UBS?